ReDevelop Challenge (2019 – 2020)

Congratulations to the Fugitive Gas team for winning this year’s Challenge!

The 3rd ReDevelop Challenge (2019 – 2020) was held virtually over a Zoom webinar. The change in format comes amid the social distancing enforced due to the COVID-19 situation. The format this year consisted of 4 teams comprising of 4 post-graduate students, each from affiliated universities across Canada. The teams had to bring to the table low-carbon energy topics that addressed Canada’s energy future. The deliverables were a scientific poster, a policy paper, a 90 second video addressed to the general public, and a 20 minute technical presentation. The video and technical presentation were presented virtually in a “Dragon’s Den” format.

This year, 4 students from the Geomechanics group participated in the ReDevelop Challenge. Afeez Popoola was part of the LNG Team, Bezawit Fekadu Haile was part of the Pipelines Team, while Kareem Aboayanah and Yunkun Wang were part of the winning Fugitive Gas Team.