2023 HQP Symposium

The Event has Ended.



Mark your calendars for May2, 2023 at 10AM EST.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)/Energi Simulation Industrial Research Chair, lead by Prof. Giovanni Grasselli, will be presenting its 2023 Research Showcase where the HQP present their research objectives and most importantly, the “So What? Question” and how does their research fit within the objectives and aligns with the shift in the energy sector.

That research will span a breath of rock mechanics applications from mechanical characterization to fracture mechanics and propagation, both from a mechanical, hydromechanical, thermohydromechanical aspects. This event would have not been possible without the generous contribution and funding from our sponsors: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Energi Simulation, PETRONAS Canada/PETRONAS, Natural Resources Canada | Ressources naturelles Canada, Geomechanica Inc., Computer Modelling Group Ltd., ShearFRAC®, GeologicAI. 

The work expertise in the research group also look into the integration of big data and machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) and to capitalize on their advantages to enhance, automate, and better predict the response of the rock through more informed decision making on the experimental, in-situ, and numerical sides.