Setting Up

The Saturday Program

At the University of Toronto, there are a number of outreach programs aimed at engaging high school students to ease the transition between secondary and post-secondary education. The Geomechanics group participated in one such program (The Saturday Program) where workshops are held every Saturday where various engineering disciplines discuss the fundamentals of their work.

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2018 – Metrolink Site Visit

As part of the 2018 – CIV1499 Summer “Tunnelling and Urban Excavation” course, a site visit was carried out to the Metrolink tunnel and Station on Avenue Road. The visit took place on June 23, 2018 and was organized by  Crosslinx Transit Solutions – Constructors (CTSC) and Giuseppe Gaspari (PEng).   The visit comes to add a practical perspective to the course and to the industry driven […]

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2018 – ARMA

Aly Presenting Henry Presenting Qi Presenting Geomechanics Group and members of Geomechanica Seattle, Washington was the host of the 52nd U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium (ARMA 2018). The geomechanics group was fortunate to take part in such a highly regarded symposium in the geomechanics world. The group had the opportunity to present 4 oral presentations. In doing so, the group had a chance to discuss their […]

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