Apium P220

The Apium P220 High performance 3-D printer is an addition to the Transparent Lab that adds a tremendous amount of versatility to the experimental process. The P220 allows the production of high precision, semi-crystalline polymers down to 0.1 mm. The ability to print extreme temperature plastics at up to 550oC allows custom adaptive assemblies as well as custom sample mounting setups. Using a zone heating printhead configuration, the ability to preserve semi-crystalline structures also minimizes shape distortion while maintaining structural properties. For stiffer assemblies, the P220 is able to print using carbon fibre reinforced PEEK as well. Due to the adaptability of the system, a large variety of materials can be utilized from PBS, PEEK, PEKK, Polypropylene, POM-C to amorphous materials such as ABS and PEI and etc. Overall, having a rapid prototyping process is greatly helpful for accelerating the experimental process, and is invaluable in increasing adaptability of existing experimental setups and ones to come.