2020 – NSERC/Energi Simulation IRC Student Symposium

On January 29, 2020 Grasselli’s Geomechanics Group organized the 2020 NSERC/Energi Simulation IRC Student Symposium held at the University of Toronto. The event was held at the renovated laboratory/office facility in Galbraith Building which is home to the Civil and Mineral Engineering Department. Representatives from Energi Simulation, Geomechanica, as well as Shawcor, attended the proceedings of the conference in person, while representatives from PETRONAS Canada were able to stream the event live. The streamed event was also made available to select collaborators and other Energi Simulation IRC Chairs worldwide.

The proceedings of the symposium showcase the progress that the Geomechanics group has made over a one-year period. The objective being to address the crucial and fundamental question brought upon by the industry partner, which is “How can the work and research being carried out in the group translate into and enhance industry practices“. The presentation covered a broad range of topics including understanding mechanical testing procedures, interpretations of proppant embedment tests and true triaxial testing, advanced digital image segmentation to interpret fractures and roughness and induced seismicity during hydraulic fracturing under true triaxial testing. The group also showcased some of their future works and research interests that will extend over the next few years.

The students and topics of their respective presentations are detailed below:

Hydraulic fracturing Montney shale cubes in the laboratory
Aly ABDELAZIZ – PhD candidate
Fracture complexity in hydraulically fractured Montney shale
Mei LI – PhD student
Induced Seismicity and Hydraulic Fracturing
Edouard KRAVCHINSKY– PhD student
Fracture roughness – A forensic studyEarl MAGSIPOC – PhD candidate
Learning from proppant embedment tests Yusheng QIU – RA
Smash – Accounting for complexity in the mesh
Update on laboratory testing reliability Aly ABDELAZIZ – PhD candidate
Update on failure processes at low confinement
Kareem ABOAYANAH – PhD student
Update on fracture energy measurement Bezawit F. HAILE – PhD student
Update on seismic attenuation Afeez K. POPOOLA KOLA – PhD student