2019 – Energi Simulation Summit

Every year, and as part of the NSERC / Energi Simulation Chair in Fundamental Rock Physics & Rock Mechanics research program, Geogroup and other research chairs have to present the progress of their work. The Geogroup research themes comprise of three aspects, focusing on the combination of rock mechanics, rock physics, and geophysics in an aim to study the responses to fracking by shale and tight oil and gas reservoirs. 

During the 2019 Summit, Prof Giovanni Grasselli presented on the “Understanding Induced Seismicity in the Montney Play using Lab, Production and Theoretical Data”. A video can be found here (Video Courtesy of Energi Simulation) 

Apart from the presentation, students work was presented in the form of posters. The following work was presented  


Poster Title  

Aly Abdelaziz 

Hydraulic Fracturing Under True Triaxial Laboratory Conditions – The Value of Understanding Your Reservoir Rock 

Mei Li 

Mapping Fracture Complexity in Shale Rock 

Yusheng Qiu 

Analysis of Seismic Hazards in The Montney Through Completions Data 

Earl Magsipoc 

Shear Dilation and Fluid Transmissivity of Rock Fractures Based on Quantified Surface Description 

 All the posters in the summit as well as some of these presentations can be found at the following link: