2018 – GeoConvention

Held at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, GeoConvention is an anticipated annual exhibition that brings together students, delegates, and attendees from around the world. The convention presents a great opportunity to network with fellow members of the industry and academia.

The Geomechanics group had three papers accepted and published at the convention.

Magsipoc, E., & Grasselli, G. (2018). Simulation of rock fragmentation by TBM disc cutter using the hybrid finite-discrete element method. Paper presented at the Geoconvention, Calgary. 
Zhao, Q., & Grasselli, G. (2018). Understanding shear behaviour of a rough joint using surface topography scan and numerical simulation. Paper presented at the Geoconvention, Calgary. 
Zhou, H., Zhao, Q., & Grasselli, G. (2018). Dilation of rock joints based on quantified surface description. In Geoconvention. Calgary.

A comprehensive list of publications by the Grasselli’s Geomechanics Group can be found here.