Yu Wang

MASc Student


Yu is a second year MASc student with Professor Grasselli at the University of Toronto. She was awarded her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2017 at the University of Alberta. She has completed internships in the oil and gas industry (Trican Well Service Ltd. and TransCanada), involving well performance enhancement design and field QA/QC work on standard conformance for pipeline construction. Her current research focuses on coupling FDEM and CMG modeling tools.


Wang, Y. (2020, November). Numerical Simulation of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Development by Coupling Geo-mechanical and Reservoir Simulator (MASc Thesis). University of Toronto, Toronto.
Wang, Y., & Grasselli, G. (2018). Laboratory Low Frequency Measurements on Synthetic Sandstone.
Zhang, J., Wang, Y., McKean, S., Jia, S., & Iranmanesh, S. (2018). Induced Seismicity and the Traffic Light System. Presented at the University of Calgary CREATE ReDeveLoP Annual Innovation Program, Calgary, Alberta.