Tamara Kondrachova

PhD Student


Tamara graduated from Tomsk State University of Russia in 1988 as an Engineer Hydrologist with a Master’s in Engineering. Right after she worked in oil and gas industry until 1994, where as part of a group acquired few patents in developing of old orphan oil production wells. Then she worked in construction industry until she with her husband and two sons immigrated to Canada in 2000. She graduated from Centennial College with an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology in 2003 and got a Hydrogeologist job with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), where she became heavily involved with variety of tunnelling projects undertaken by various municipalities and the Ministry of Transportation. In March 2004 Tamara became a practicing member of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (PGO). In 2009 she got a Hydrogeologist/Environmental Manager position with the Municipality of York Region, where she has continued to be involved with large tunnelling projects providing her technical input on hydrogeological and geotechnical scopes over entire project’s cycle from planning to implementation for all water and wastewater capital projects built by York Region. Tamara’s current interest lays in the area of selection of various construction methods which are most efficient and effective with less impact to the existing environments (both social and natural) and sustainable in a long term. Tamara has joined U of T in January 2020 as a PhD student. 

January 2020
January 2020


Joined as a PhD Student