Pengfei Zhao

PhD Student


Pengfei is a first year PhD student. He completed his MASc at Concordia University in Montreal, and BASc at Chang’an University in China. During his studies at Concordia, his project was using digital image correlation to evaluate plastic shrinkage cracking in cement-based materials, and his current research is focused on the influence of coarse aggregate mechanical properties on fracture propagation in high strength concrete.

September 2019
September 2019


Joined as a PhD Student


Sherzer, G. L., Fadakar, Y. A., Zhao, P., Afroughsabet, V., Coutinho, N., Shah, S., Peterson, K., & Grasselli, G. (2020, March 31). Comparison and Linking Between LDPM and FDEM Modeling for Fracturing in Concrete. 15th Pipeline Technology Conference, Berlin, Germany.