Alistair Mascarenhas

Research Associate


Alistair Mascarenhas is an experienced rock mechanics and industry professional with a diverse range of experience in the oil and gas sector. He holds an MSc in Geology from the University of Mumbai with over eight years of experience in India and UAE. Alistair has honed his skills in Core Analysis and Geomechanics Lab Testing, particularly in developing new testing methods for unconventional reservoirs that have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of drilling operations. Alistair has also published an article in SPE titled “Laboratory Measurements Mapping Heterogeneity and Variation of Poroelasticity for Improved Hydraulic Fracture Design in a Tight Carbonate Reservoir Onshore UAE”

In 2023, Alistair joined Professor Grasselli’s Geomechanics group as a Research Associate at the University of Toronto. In this role, he supports lab operations and student research activities.

March 2023
March 2023


Joined as a Research Associate